Instagram Collabs: How To Collab On Instagram & Why You Should (2023)

Instagram Collabs: How To Collab On Instagram & Why You Should.

Ever heard the age-long saying: two heads are better than one? It represents the idea that two (or more) people can solve a problem or do more productive work together. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what Instagram collabs are about—joining forces with other Instagram users to make posts that will benefit everyone involved.

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What Is An Instagram Collab?

Introduced in October 2021, Instagram Collab is a feature that allows creators and businesses to co-author Instagram feed posts and reels.

The post will have the usernames of the collaborators at the header and appear on both their profiles. A more interesting thing about collabs is that the collaborators get to share the likes, views, and comments.

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Many marketers believe Instagram offers the best influencer marketing ROI. With Instagram collabs, undoubtedly, Influencer Marketing ROI is heading for the moon.

You can use this feature regardless of the size of your audience. It allows you to add up to 20 collaborators.

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One thing worthy of note is that the collabs are currently only available for feed posts and reels.

Before You Run A Collab…

Before doing a collaboration on Instagram, here are a few things to consider:

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  • Choose a brand that aligns with your value or niche and has the target audience you need. If you are a chef, it will be best for you to collaborate with a food brand.

  • Figure out the goals you want to achieve from a collaboration. This will help you measure your success and ROI in the end.

  • Choose authentic and credible brands or influencers. If you want to build a reliable brand, then you must work with people who are credible.

  • Work with Influencers that create content that stands out. Since the post your fellow collaborator makes will appear on your feed, it has to be at its best for your audience.

  • If you need assistance with choosing a suitable brand, many platforms can help. Platforms such as Upfluence, Humanz, Entribe, Creator IQ, etc. are available to make things easier for you.
  • How To Collab On Instagram Feed Posts

    1. Open your Instagram app and click on the "+" icon at the top right corner of your screen. Select Post or Reel
    2. .
    3. Choose a photo or video for your post. Edit your photo or video if you wish and tap on Next or the arrow icon.

    4. Type in your caption. Tap on Tag People and then tap on Invite Collaborator.

    5. Search for the handle of the brand you wish to partner with and tap on their profile. To add more collaborators tap on Edit collaborator and search for another user.
      Tap Done or the Checkmark icon.

    6. Tap Share or the checkmark icon to publish your post after previewing it. After this, your collaborator(s) will receive a request to accept or decline the Instagram Collab in their Direct message. Once they accept it, the post will appear on their profile.

    7. When someone has requested to collaborate with you, you will also receive a message to accept or decline. Accepting it will kick off your collaboration with them.

      How To Collab On Instagram Reels

      • Choose a video from your gallery or record and edit your reel.

      • Preview</> to be sure your reel is good to go and then tap Next for the sharing options.

      • Type in your caption and audio description.

      • Tap on Tag People and choose Invite Collaborator.

      • Search and select the username you want a collab with and then tap the checkmark icon. To add more collaborators, just like for feed posts, tap on Edit collaborator and search for another user.

      • Review your reel settings, publish and wait for your collaborators to accept the collab request.

      Note that: the number limit for both tags and collaborators is 20 per post. For instance, you can tag 5 people and add 15 collaborators but not 20 for each.

      Why You Should Do Instagram Collabs

      1. Expand Brand Awareness:
      2. With Instagram Collab your brand will grow faster. People who did not know your brand will become aware of it because you are tapping into a new and already engaged audience.
    8. Improve Engagement: Instagram collaborations usually involve fun and engaging activities that draw the audience's attention. By running giveaways, Instagram live sessions, challenges or contests, you draw people who will dish out real and free Instagram likes, views and comments to all the profiles involved.

    9. Create Room For Brand Transparency: Your audience can see the brands you partner with. Work with the right brand and it'll build authenticity for your own brand. This is especially so when you work with businesses that have built credibility over time.

    10. To Conveniently Give Credits: Instagram Collab is an easy way to give credit to brands or influencers that have contributed to the creative process of your content. It also shows appreciation to your partners and increases the chances for future collaborations.

    11. Boost Sales For Businesses: Your partnership with tested and trusted Influencers and brands will land you more followers and potential customers. The Instagram Collab will grow your followers and increase sales for your business.

    12. It Is Cost-effective: Businesses are looking for ways to cut down costs and maximize profits. Instagram collabs cost less than paid Instagram ads and can be very useful, especially for small businesses with low budgets. You will get good value for your collab investments and achieve your business goals with Instagram Collabs.

    13. To Put Out High-quality Content: When you get into a partnership with people who have innovative ideas for content creation, you all will work together to churn out high-quality content. And it's no news that content is king.

      This high-quality content can be the bait that draws a flock of followers to your profile, even long after the collab is over. You and your collaborators can also launch a campaign that yields user-generated content. That's more "free" content for your page.

    14. Eliminates The Need For Reposts: With the collab feature, You or your partners won't have to deal with the long steps of reposting or regramming collab posts through third-party apps.

    Ideas For Instagram Collabs

    There is a lot you can do with Instagram collabs. In this section, you will get amazing ideas to kickstart your collaboration journey.


    • Giveaways and Contests:
      Hosting contests and giveaways with Instagram collabs will open doors of engagement. Many people will jump in on your post because of its wider range and audience.

    • Instagram Takeovers:
      This involves taking over another brand's account temporarily (and vice versa) to post content to its audience. It is a fun way to grow your following and cross-promote content.

    • Instagram Shoutouts:
    • Here, an influencer you are collaborating with, will promote your product or services on their account. Their shoutout will draw the attention of their followers to your brand and even urge them to make a buying decision.
    • Instagram Market Days:
    • You can host virtual markets with similar brands where your products or services will be on sale at a discount for some time. All the collaborators will share all the products available on their stories for more reach.
    • Referrals or Affiliate Marketing:
    • Here, you partner with Influencers to promote your products or services and they earn a commission on each referral. You make more sales and your partners earn money, everybody wins.

    Last Words

    Now, you can clearly see how beneficial instagram collabs are to businesses on Instagram. What's more, you don't need to have a very large audience to benefit from Instagram collabs. What you need, however, is readiness and the right brands and influencers to partner with.


    Why you should collaborate on Instagram? ›

    One new feature allows users to create custom lists of posts from accounts they choose. With two accounts collaborating on a post, it's more likely to end up in users' custom feeds. Instagram Collab posts reduce the amount of duplicate content promoting your brand.

    Why are people asking me to collab on Instagram? ›

    An Instagram collaboration is a marketing strategy for achieving growth and greater reach on Instagram. There are various types of Instagram collaborations where an: Influencer and brand work together. Brand and brand work together.

    What are the 10 benefits of collaboration? ›

    11 benefits of collaborative learning
    • Improves problem-solving skills. Collaborative learning projects often require groups to complete a task or solve a problem. ...
    • Encourages social interaction. ...
    • Promotes diversity. ...
    • Improves communication skills. ...
    • Inspires creativity. ...
    • Creates trust. ...
    • Improves confidence. ...
    • Encourages engagement.

    How do you convince someone to collab? ›

    6 Ways to Convince Someone to Collaborate with You
    1. Sweat Equity. Here's an almost universal law: if you're the one suggesting the partnership, you'll likely need to do most of the work. ...
    2. Subject-Matter Knowledge. ...
    3. Process Knowledge. ...
    4. Connections. ...
    5. Access to Funding. ...
    6. Image.
    15 Dec 2020

    Why do you want to collab? ›

    Teams that collaborate not only have an opportunity to learn from each other—their mistakes, successes, failures, workflow, etc. —they'll also gain an understanding of the other team's perspective. You get a chance to hear their side of things: their pain points, priorities, even the way they think.

    How many followers do you need to collab? ›

    Usually, brands won't consider you an influencer (or micro-influencer) without having at least 2,000-2,500 followers in your community. If you want to collaborate with brands on Instagram as an influencer, we recommend working on building up your community before approaching brands.

    Is Instagram collab available for everyone? ›

    You can use Instagram Collabs to co-author content with other accounts. The public original author can tag another private or public account as a collaborator. Then, the other account can either accept or deny the request.

    How do you do a collab on Instagram 2022? ›

    How to Create an Instagram Collab Post
    1. Click the “+” sign to create a new feed or Reel post.
    2. Create a feed post or Reel then tap “Next.”
    3. Once the editing is done, tap “Tag People.”
    4. Tap on “Invite collaborator.”
    5. Search for the collaborator's account and add them.
    6. Wait for them to accept.
    11 Oct 2022

    How do you collaborate with brands? ›

    How to Reach Out and Collab with Brands
    1. Build your portfolio. We all have to start from somewhere. ...
    2. Do your research. Some people like to set their portfolio up and wait for brands to come to them. ...
    3. Show off! Okay, not in a bragging way, but let them know how you stand apart from the others! ...
    4. Go! Push that send button!
    12 Oct 2022

    How do you respond to a collab offer on Instagram? ›

    Thank you so much for reaching out. I'd love to discuss a collaboration and agree we are a good fit. I have some ideas but I'd like to hear from you what your brand needs right now as far as content goes. I look forward to working together!

    What to say when you want to collab with someone? ›

    I thought you would be interested in partnering for this project because [give reasons]. I'd love to hear your take if interested and figure out how to move forward together. Let me know if you want to work something out or call me on [phone number] during [specify time].

    How do you respond to join the team? ›

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm thrilled to collaborate with such a friendly and supportive team. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you all, and I'm ready to contribute my knowledge and skills to the company.

    What is a good example of collaboration? ›

    Some applicable examples of collaboration in the workplace include brainstorming, group discussions, reaching a consensus about processes or analyzing problems, and finding solutions.

    How can I improve my collaboration skills? ›

    5 Ways to Develop Your Workplace Collaboration Skills
    1. Communicate clearly. ...
    2. Choose the right digital tool for the right task. ...
    3. Go beyond your comfort zone. ...
    4. Find or become a mentor. ...
    5. Participate in team-building activities.
    7 Oct 2022

    What is good collaboration? ›

    Kind of like marriage, any good partnership requires listening, flexibility and compromise. True collaboration means being open to suggestions, critiques and ideas from all team members, even if it means changing course. Innovation (and evolution) often stems from considering radically different perspectives.

    What are the 5 elements of collaboration? ›

    • Five Elements of Collaborative Learning.
    • Positive interdependence.
    • Face-to-face promotive interaction.
    • Individual accountability.
    • Interpersonal and small group skills.
    • Group processing.

    Why do you want to partner with us answer? ›

    I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting/forward-thinking/fast-moving company/industry, and I feel I can do so by/with my …” “I feel my skills are particularly well-suited to this position because …” “I believe I have the type of knowledge to succeed in this role and at the company because …”

    What to say when you want to collab with a brand? ›

    Things To Include In Your Pitch
    1. Write a short and catchy subject line.
    2. Include a direct link to your Instagram and blog, not to a press page—don't make them have to do any extra steps!
    3. Include your qualitative stats. ...
    4. Quickly list the top 3 brands you've worked with, and then link to each of the promotions. ...
    5. Be genuine!
    21 May 2018

    How do you write a collab? ›

    Our Top 10 Tips for Collaborative Success
    1. Choose your writing partner wisely. ...
    2. Have a clear vision for the book from the start: tone, plot, structure, and characters. ...
    3. Choose a style and structure for the book that allows dual writing to work to its best. ...
    4. Agree on a realistic writing schedule to which you can both commit.
    4 Oct 2017

    Why is collaboration a good skill? ›

    Collaboration skills enable you to work toward a common goal with others. Most work environments require collaboration, so these skills are essential. Collaboration skills include communication, emotional intelligence, and respect for the diversity of your colleagues.

    What skills do you gain from collaboration? ›

    Collaboration skills include written communication, verbal communication, active listening, feedback, and inclusivity skills.
    • Written Communication. ...
    • Verbal Communication. ...
    • Active Listening. ...
    • Feedback. ...
    • Inclusivity. ...
    • They Help Us Solve Problems. ...
    • We Learn From Each Other. ...
    • They Make Our Work Better.
    1 Aug 2022

    Can you collab with 3 people? ›

    You can add multiple people as collaborators for a single post. But keep in mind that they will have to accept your Collab request in order to show up as authors of the post. Step 5: Once you've selected the user(s) you want to collaborate with, tap on “Done.”

    How much do Instagram collabs pay? ›

    There are paid and gifted brand collaborations on Instagram, and it all depends on your mutual deal. Many influencers do get paid for brand promotion they collaborate with, so the prices are between $100 – $250 per post if the influencer has under 50,000 followers; and $1000+ per post for 100,000 followers or more.

    Can we collab with 3 friends on Instagram? ›

    Unlike tagging, you can only collaborate with one more person other than you. We'll show how the Collab feature works and how you can send, accept, and retrieve Collab invites on Instagram. So, without further ado, let's dive right into it.

    Why does my Instagram not let me collab? ›

    Why is the Collab feature not working? Firstly, make sure the Collab feature is available in your country. If it is, try updating your Instagram app on the App Store or Google Play Store. The feature will not be available to Instagram users who don't have the latest version.

    Can you collab post on private? ›

    Collab posts must be initiated from a public account. Your collaborator must also accept the request for the content to show on their profile grid. The original author of the post is the post's primary author.

    How do you get collab with the influencer? ›

    8 steps on how to collaborate with influencers
    1. Set clear goals and KPIs. ...
    2. Be easy to work with and personalize the collaborative relationship. ...
    3. Create compelling offers using discount/coupon codes. ...
    4. Encourage user-generated content with giveaway events. ...
    5. Launch contests and have your influencers promote them.

    How do I accept reel collaboration? ›

    How To Accept Collaborator Invite On Instagram Reels?
    1. Click the invite notification from your Activity page. This opens the post with a note saying, "@name invited you to be a collaborator on their post."
    2. Tap the blue 'Review' button next to the note. ...
    3. Choose 'Accept.
    15 Jul 2022

    How many accounts can collab on Instagram? ›

    It allows you to add up to 20 collaborators. One thing worthy of note is that the collabs are currently only available for feed posts and reels.

    What makes a good brand collaboration? ›

    Find that connecting thread between you, and keep authenticity at the heart of your partnership to ensure that you make the most (positive) impact. Cultural Hype. Think about how your collab can enable your brand to become part of the cultural conversation in a relevant and – that word again – authentic way.

    How do collaborations work? ›

    Collaboration means working together with people from across the business to achieve a shared goal. Although similar to teamwork, a collaborative partnership is not hierarchical – everyone has equal status, no matter their seniority (though you may elect one person to organize the collaborative project).

    How do you bring two brands together? ›

    How to merge two brands in six necessary steps
    1. Establish a cross-functional team of three to five business, marketing and branding staff who will oversee the migration for 12 months.
    2. Identify the synergies between the two brands and the ways each brand creates real value for customers.

    How do you negotiate a collab? ›

    Now let's dive into the 8-step process to properly negotiate with brands.
    1. Step 1: Always ask for compensation. ...
    2. Step 2: Nail down deliverables. ...
    3. Step 3: Determine your rates. ...
    4. Step 4: Pitch package options. ...
    5. Step 5: Present creative ideas and make your value-add clear. ...
    6. Step 6: Don't be afraid to negotiate.

    How do you ask for a collaboration sample? ›

    I wanted to get in touch with you to discuss [topic] further and see if we can work on something similar together. If you're interested, we can set up a phone call this week to discuss starting a collaboration that would bring value to both our audiences.

    What is the best reply for welcome? ›

    10 Ways to Say “You're Welcome”
    • No worries.
    • Not a problem.
    • My pleasure.
    • It was nothing.
    • I'm happy to help.
    • Not at all.
    • Sure.
    • Anytime.
    21 May 2014

    How do you answer would you like to join me? ›

    As I know, short answer should contain the same helper word as the question has. "Yes, I would" is the correct choice here. "Yes" would be the shortest reply.

    How do you respond to thank you professionally? ›

    1. you're welcome. phrase. used in reply to someone who has thanked you.
    2. no problem. phrase. ...
    3. not at all. phrase. ...
    4. don't mention it. phrase. ...
    5. it's no bother. phrase. ...
    6. (it's) my pleasure. phrase. ...
    7. it's/that's all right. phrase. ...
    8. it's nothing/think nothing of it. phrase.

    What happens if we collaborate on Instagram? ›

    When you invite collaborators to the collab, they'll be able to share the collab sticker to bring new followers to the collab. These new collab followers will be able to view a story that you share into the collab, even if they don't follow your private account.

    Why are collaborations so important? ›

    It builds trust

    As teams and departments make connections, individuals naturally trust each other more. Not only is this good for team productivity, but it boosts morale throughout the organization. Without trust, teams will not work together and if teams can't collaborate, then innovation simply won't happen.

    Why it is important to collaborate influencers? ›

    When an influencer endorses your brand, product, or service, they can get their audiences to trust your brand. This trust can help you drive more conversions and sales and boost customer loyalty. This means that influencers can help you leverage already loyal audiences to grow your business.

    What is the point of collaborations? ›

    Collaboration is, by definition, bringing different people together to work towards a common goal. A space where diverse cultures, ideas, and skill sets can come together, creates opportunities for individuals to learn from each other and increase their professional development.

    Do you get paid to collab on Instagram? ›

    There are paid and gifted brand collaborations on Instagram, and it all depends on your mutual deal. Many influencers do get paid for brand promotion they collaborate with, so the prices are between $100 – $250 per post if the influencer has under 50,000 followers; and $1000+ per post for 100,000 followers or more.

    How much is a paid collaboration on Instagram? ›

    Featured Influencer Marketing Companies
    Type of content / Influencer TierNano (500-5k followers)Micro (5k-30k followers)
    Instagram Post$100$172
    Instagram Video$114$219
    Instagram Story$43$73
    26 Oct 2022

    Why collaboration is key to success? ›

    When everybody comes together and works as one, workflows become smoother, tasks can be achieved quicker and effectively, healthy relationships can be formed, and productivity can be improved. Without a doubt, this in turn boosts morale, catapults motivation levels, and benefits all stakeholders alike.

    What is a good collaborator? ›

    The ability to work effectively and diplomatically with your team is a focused skill that requires an individual effort. Some qualities of a great collaborator include being team focused and appreciative.

    How do you convince influencers to collaborate? ›

    8 steps on how to collaborate with influencers
    1. Set clear goals and KPIs. ...
    2. Be easy to work with and personalize the collaborative relationship. ...
    3. Create compelling offers using discount/coupon codes. ...
    4. Encourage user-generated content with giveaway events. ...
    5. Launch contests and have your influencers promote them.

    How do you convince an influencer to work with you? ›

    Here are a few ideas:
    1. Find Common Connections. So you know exactly who you'd like to work with to promote your project. ...
    2. Monitor Their Blog and Social Media Bios. ...
    3. Rank for Their Brand or Product Name. ...
    4. 9 Impressive Content Marketing Ideas from Brands You Can Consider.
    14 Oct 2021

    What is the main benefit of being an influencer? ›

    Flexibility. One of the greatest perks of being an influencer is the flexibility that comes with the job. In general, it is not the typical 9-5 as influencers have control over when their working hours are. They rarely have an office where they go to work every day.

    What collaboration means to you? ›

    Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve business benefit. Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.

    What are collaborative skills? ›

    Collaboration skills are what you use to work with others efficiently. In the workplace, collaborating means anything from brainstorming new ideas with a teammate to problem-solving with a client.

    Why do collaborations fail? ›

    The collaboration burnout drains teams. People are busy jumping from one thing to another at the expense of having less time for deep work, effective decision making, and to build strong relationships with other team members. Your team doesn't have an infinite capacity — collaboration is time and energy consuming.


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