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  • Eligible Termination means the involuntary termination of Participant’s employment without Cause, provided that at the time of such termination Participant is a Senior Officer and has completed at least ten (10) years of service as a Senior Officer.

  • Swap Termination Payment Upon the designation of an “Early Termination Date” as defined in the Swap Agreement, the payment to be made by the Supplemental Interest Trust to the Swap Provider, or by the Swap Provider to the Supplemental Interest Trust, as applicable, pursuant to the terms of the Swap Agreement.

  • Termination Payment means the payment amount equal to the sum of (a) and (b), where (a) is the Settlement Amount and (b) is the sum of all amounts owed by the Defaulting Party to the Non-Defaulting Party under this Agreement, less any amounts owed by the Non-Defaulting Party to the Defaulting Party determined as of the Early Termination Date.

  • Swap Termination Payments means any payments due to the Swap Counterparty by the Issuing Entity or to the Issuing Entity by the Swap Counterparty, including interest that may accrue thereon, under each Interest Rate Swap Agreement due to a termination of such Interest Rate Swap Agreement due to a Swap Event of Default or a Swap Termination Event under such Interest Rate Swap Agreement.]

  • Termination Payments has the meaning specified in Section 10(a).

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  • Termination Payment Date means the earlier of the first Distribution Date following the liquidation or sale of the Receivables as a result of an Insolvency Event and the occurrence of the Scheduled Series 1995-1 Termination Date.

  • Early Termination Payment in respect of a Member shall equal the present value, discounted at the Early Termination Rate as of the Early Termination Effective Date, of all Tax Benefit Payments in respect of such Member that would be required to be paid by the Corporate Taxpayer beginning from the Early Termination Date and assuming that the Valuation Assumptions are applied.

  • Lease Termination Payments means all payments received by or on behalf of any Seller with respect to a Lease with respect to any terminations, surrenders, modifications, renewals or amendments of any such Lease.

  • Estimated Swap Termination Payment means, with respect to an Early Termination Date, an amount determined by Party A in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner as the maximum payment that could be owed by Party B to Party A in respect of such Early Termination Date pursuant to Section 6(e) of the ISDA Master Agreement, taking into account then current market conditions.

  • Defaulted Swap Termination Payment Any Swap Termination Payment required to be paid by the Trust to the Swap Provider pursuant to the Interest Rate Swap Agreement as a result of an Event of Default (as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement) with respect to which the Swap Provider is the defaulting party or a Termination Event (as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement) (other than Illegality or a Tax Event that is not a Tax Event Upon Merger (each as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement )) with respect to which the Swap Provider is the sole Affected Party (as defined in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement).

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  • Termination Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 7.

  • Termination Benefits means (i) a lump sum cash payment equal to 100% of the sum of (A) Executive’s annual base salary at the rate in effect under paragraph 3.1 on the date of termination of Executive’s employment and (B) the highest annual incentive compensation payment paid to Executive by Company (pursuant to paragraph 3.2 or otherwise) during the three years prior to the date of termination of Executive’s employment, and (ii) all of the outstanding stock options, restricted stock or unit awards and other equity based awards granted by Company to Executive shall become fully vested and immediately exercisable in full on the date of termination of Executive’s employment; provided, however, that if a Change in Control occurs prior to the earlier of the consummation of an Initial Public Offering and June 30, 2007 and the Executive’s employment is terminated prior to the consummation of such Change in Control, then the percentage used in clause (i) of this definition shall be zero.

  • Termination Compensation means a monthly cash amount equal to one-twelfth ( 1/12th) of the highest amount of the annual cash compensation (including cash bonuses and other cash-based compensation, including for these purposes amounts earned or payable whether or not deferred) received by Executive during any one of the three (3) calendar years immediately preceding the calendar year in which Executive’s Termination Date occurs; provided, that if the cash compensation received by Executive during the Termination Year exceeds the highest amount of the annual cash compensation received by Executive during any one of the immediately preceding three (3) consecutive calendar years, the cash compensation received by Executive during the Termination Year shall be deemed to be Executive’s highest amount of annual cash compensation. In no event shall Executive’s Termination Compensation include equity-based compensation (e.g., income realized as a result of Executive’s exercise of non-qualified stock options or other stock based benefits).

  • Early Termination Amount means, in respect of any Note, its principal amount or such other amount as may be specified in, or determined in accordance with, these Conditions or the relevant Final Terms;

  • Swap Termination Event means (i) certain events of insolvency of bankruptcy of the Issuer or the Swap Counterparty as specified in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement; (ii) any Event of Default under the Indenture that results in the acceleration of the Notes or involving an uncured payment default; (iii) the Issuer or Swap Counterparty becomes subject to registration as an "investment company" under the Investment Company Act of 1940; and (iv) certain standard termination events under the 1992 ISDA Master Agreement as specified in the Interest Rate Swap Agreement including "Illegality," "Tax Event" and "Tax Event Upon Merger," each as more fully described in Sections 5(b)(i), 5(b)(ii) and 5(b)(iii) of the 1992 ISDA Master Agreement.

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  • Company Termination Fee means an amount equal to $1,000,000.

  • Qualified Termination means

  • Termination Fee Event means the termination of this Agreement:

  • Qualifying Termination means any of the events described in Section 3.2 herein, the occurrence of which triggers the payment of Severance Benefits hereunder.

  • Compensation Accrued at Termination means the following:

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  • CIC Qualifying Termination means a Separation (A) within twelve (12) months following a Change in Control or (B) within three (3) months preceding a Change in Control (but as to part (B), only if the Separation occurs after a Potential Change in Control) resulting, in either case (A) or (B), from (i) the Company terminating the Executive’s employment for any reason other than Cause or (ii) the Executive resigning his or her employment for Good Reason. A termination or resignation due to the Executive’s death or disability shall not constitute a CIC Qualifying Termination. A “Potential Change in Control” means the date of execution of a legally binding and definitive agreement for a corporate transaction which, if consummated, would constitute the applicable Change in Control (which for the avoidance of doubt, would include, for example, a merger agreement, but not a term sheet for a merger agreement). In the case of a termination following a Potential Change in Control and before a Change in Control, solely for purposes of benefits under this Agreement, the date of Separation will be deemed the date the Change in Control is consummated.

  • Accrual Termination Date Not applicable.

  • Termination Amount means the Termination Liquidity Amount, the Termination Listing Amount or the amount distributable pursuant to Section 5.1(d)(i) in the form of a Termination Note.

  • Premium Termination Date With respect to the Series A Certificates, the scheduled maturity date of the Series A Certificates, with respect to the Series B Certificates, the scheduled maturity date of the Series B Certificates and with respect to the Series C Certificates, the scheduled maturity date of the Series C Certificates.

  • Agreement Termination Date is defined in Section 7.4.

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  • Optional Termination Amount The repurchase price received by the Trustee in connection with any repurchase of all of the Mortgage Loans pursuant to Section 9.01.

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